Relative to form of the general election ballot

Repeal RSA 656:5

Amend Section 656:6 Designation of Office. – Immediately to the left of the set of party columns above the names of the candidates shall be an offices column which shall list the offices the official title of each office, each preceded by the word “For,” for which the candidates whose names are listed in the party columns have been nominated, as in “For Governor.” Below each such phrase shall be printed in small but easily legible letters “Vote for not more than ____ (here insert a number designating how many persons are to be voted for).”

Amend Section 656:9 Party Designation. – Above each party column After the name of each candidate shall be printed in large, plain letters the name of the political party by which the candidates in such column were nominated.

Amend RSA 656:42 VII. (e)(4) The town or city clerk shall mark the test ballots in such a way as to demonstrate a vote for each candidate on at least one test ballot, as well as votes for less than and more than the number of candidates that may be voted for an office, write-ins, multiple votes for a candidate who appears in more than one party column for the same office on a general election ballot, and ballots on which there are no votes. The clerk shall mark as many as possible of the combinations of choices that a voter may indicate on the ballot.